Centrifugal Fans / Fume extrators / Industrial Fans

Impeller / P Flat / B Curved / S Radial

We manufacture, renovate and balance impellers.

The impellers are both statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940-1.

You always receive a balancing protocol.

Elektrofläkt manufactures a wide range of impellers for hot gases and a variety of other needs.

P hjul  (Plana skovlar)

P impeller (Flat blades)

Used for:
less dust containing air or other gases

High efficiency.

Download P-impeller  template for hub

B-hjul (Böjda skovlar)

B impeller (Curved blades)

Used for:
Transporting clean air or other gases

High efficiency relatively low noise level

Download B impeller  template for hub

S-hjul (Radiella skovlar)

S impeller (Radial blades)

Used for:
Transporting dust or other materials

Lower efficiency.

Download S impeller  template for hub

Impellers are made of steel, aluminum, stainless or acid-proof

Surface treatment:
Untreated, alternatively primed or primed with topcoat

Heat treatment:
Impellers for hot gases also get a heat treatment