We offer a wide range of electric motors, generators, frequency inverters and gear




3 phase motors

3 phase motors is one of our most common products. They are available in many types; from small enclosed standard motors in aluminum to large cast iron motors designed for potentially explosive environments. We have Busck motors as well as motors from Brook Crompton in stock. With a large selection of electric motors, we can provide the right motor for the right application and the right price. Click the link below to read more details about our types of motors.

Single phase motors

For an electric motor to be self-starting a rotating field in the motor is required. In a 3 phase motor, this is accomplished by phase difference in the three phases. In a single phase motor, a extra winding is required which is supplied with a voltage phase offset relative to the voltage across the main winding. This phase difference can be achieved in various ways. Single phase motors are usually divided by the method of generating this phase difference. Click the link below to read more details about our types of single phase motors.


Frequency inverters

Danfoss VLT Drives is the world leader in dedicated drives, the heart of Danfoss operations. Danfoss’ broad product range makes it possible to adapt to all types of motor technologies. Our expertise, combined with our understanding of your business allows us to deliver reliable and user-friendly products and services to suit your application requirements.



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