We offer a wide range of electric motors,  drives,  frequency inverters from ABB


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Standard low voltage motors

IEC Low voltage motors are suitable for all industries, all applications - fulfilling all national and international mandatory efficiency regulations.

ABB offers two types of standard induction motors: Process performance and General performance motors.

Process performance motors:

  • Designed for most demanding environments and applications
  • Designed to last - award winning product range
  • Prepared to answer any reliability, availability and energy efficiency challenge - now and tomorrow
  • Full monitoring availability

General performance motors:
  • Off-the-shelf availability
  • Simple and robust design
  • Extensive modification possibilities with branch standard design
  • Online documentation

ABB offers two types of standard induction motors: Process performance and General performance motors.

General performance motors
- IEC 56 to 400
- 0,06 to 355 kW 

Smoke extraction motors
- IEC 80 to 400, 0,055 till 560 kW

Process performance motors
- IEC 71 till 450
- 0,25 till 1 000 kW

Motors for high ambient temperatures
- Motortyp M3BPV
- IEC 160 to 250
- 11 t0 55 kW

 Single phase motors
- M3VD, M3AD, M3AE, M3VE
- IEC 56 till 100
- 0,065 till 2,2 kw



Low voltage AC drives


General purpose drives
- ACS310 ACS550 ACS580
- A drive dedicated to optimize your 
variable torque applications, such as 
booster pumps and centrifugal fans

Micro drives
- ACS55 ACS150 ACS310 ACS355
- Ensure speed and control features 
in a variety of your low 
power applications such as automatic gate, 
solar trackers,treadmills and whirlpool baths.

Machinery drives
- ACS355 ACS850 ACM1-04
- It is focused on material handling, 
food and beverage applications,
processing of rubber, plastic and wood.


Industry specific drives

- ACS 880
-  Built on ABB’s common drive platform
for precision control in a wide range of
applications such as cranes, extruders, 
winches, winders, conveyors, mixers,
compressors, pumps and fans. 

  Industry specific drives

- ACH 550 SCS 320 ACQ810 ACH580
- It is pre-programmed for several applications,
including:air handling units, cooling towers,
chillers, and more.