Business concept:

Customized quality fans for industries and hot gases.

Core values

Elektrofläkt has built the company’s strategies around four core values that constitute the strategic bases of the business.



LOCAL Being local means establishing credibility in personal interactions. Being local also means being in the global world without borders, to create affiliation and a sense of home for local customers. As a local company we take responsibility for our overall business environment.

AVAILABLE Availability is essential for the personal relationship. Availability means presence, quick answers and decisions, and is a competitive advantage, not an option.

PERSONAL APPROACH The personal touch should mean that customers recognize themselves. Through our knowledge of the customer we show that we have a comprehensive grasp of the customer's situation, on the basis of which we will offer the customer a complete package. A personal approach also means showing understanding of and empathy for the customer's unique situation.

PROFITABLE By establishing a profitable company, we create a more stable business, reliable jobs and an opportunity to develop in a positive way.


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