ATEX - background

For equipment used in explosive environments there are EU directives to define the basic safety requirements. ATEX directives consist of: User Directive and Product Directive. The requirements of the directives have also been transferred to Swedish rules and they are included in Swedish law.

ATEX directives

The European Community Directive 94 / 9EG (Product Directive) and 1999 / 92 / EC (User directive), Directives must also ensure free trade of Ex equipment.


  • ATEX user regulations cover all employers whose employees may be exposed to the risk of explosion due to flammable liquids, gases or dust. The regulations apply to people who work in Ex areas.
  • ATEX product regulations cover those who offer equipment and protection systems, and in some cases components on the market, such as manufacturers, importers, retailers, but also those who manufacture equipment for their own use.

Ex area / Ex equipment

Ex zones can be found in forest production, energy production, chemical industry, painting facilities, as well as general manufacturing, handling, or storage of flammable liquids or gases.

Ex equipment includes all machines and equipment that are intended for use in hazardous (Ex) areas. It also includes safety, control and regulation devices required as explosion protection for these devices, which sometimes can be located outside the Ex zone.