Swedish-made Centrifugal Fans / Fume Extractor Fan

We have our own production of centrifugal fans. Centrifugal fans can be equipped with different wheels, depending on the purpose. Choose between steel, aluminum and stainless, acid-proof steel. Centrifugal fans can be supplied with different pressures and flows.



Available in different designs, direct drive, belt drive or coupling, depending on the purpose.

Our specialty is fume extractors for warm gas. All fans can also be delivered ignition proof, for explosive environmentser.

Radialfläkt Radialfläkt

Energy calculation

We make calculations regarding pressure flow to find the fan with optimum efficiency and energy consumption. For further energy efficiency we offer frequency control with pressure or flow control. The fans are also available with energy efficient motors with IE3 classification. 

Our centrifugal fans for flue gases are available in the following standard versions:

Low-pressure fans
(500 - 1500 pa)
(50 - 60000 M3)
Low / Medium-pressure fans
(1000 - 4500 pa)
(800-110000 M3)
Medium-pressure fans
(1000 - 1500 pa)
(360-64000 M3)
High-pressure fans
(1000 - 12000 pa)
(100-45000 M3)
LDB Curved blades
LDP Flat blades
LDS Radial straight bladesr
LMP Flat blades
LMB Curved blades
LMS Radial straight blades
MDB Curved blades
MDP Flat blades
MDS Radial straight blades
HMB Curved blades
HMP Flat blades
HMS Radial straight blades


Your flue gas fan’s blowing direction is customized to your needs 

H45   H1   H2   H3   H4
blas1_110   blas2_110   blas3_110   blas4_110   blas5_110
V1   V2   V3   V4   V45
blas6_110   blas7_110   blas8_110   blas9_110   blas10_110